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VCF-Miner – Login and User Configuration

User Configuration:

  • There is a file within securityuserapp.war that handles configuration for user authentication and authorization.
    This file is:


    If you do not have write access to this file, you may want to copy it to the user home directory and modify it there
    (assuming you have write access to the user home directory):

  • The default configuration from that properties file looks for user-related files in the /local2/tmp directory.
    This directory needs to writeable by the application.
    To change this default directory, edit the file, then change this path:

  • The application attempts to use the Mayo LDAP server to authenticate users.
    If you are outside the Mayo environment you will want to disable the LDAP functionality to drop back to using just the user database.
    To do this, edit the file once again and change this line:




    There is a fix in the works that will allow any outside LDAP server to be used, but this is not available at this time.


  • The default login on a local install is username “Admin”, password “temppass”.
  • When installing this on a shared server for multiple users, the Admin password should be changed via REST calls. For example:
    1. Obtain the user token for the admin user
      curl --request POST http://[SERVER_NAME]:[TOMCAT_PORT]/securityuserapp/api/login --data "username=admin&password=temppass&appkey=VcfMiner"


      curl --request POST http://myserver:8080/securityuserapp/api/login --data "username=admin&password=temppass&appkey=VcfMiner"
    2. Change the password:
      curl --request POST  http://[SERVER_NAME]:[TOMCAT_PORT]/securityuserapp/api/login/changepass  --data "username=Admin&newpassword=myNewPassword"  --header "usertoken:[USER_TOKEN_FROM_LOGIN]"


      curl --request POST  http://myserver:8080/securityuserapp/api/login/changepass  --data "username=Admin&newpassword=myNewPassword"  --header "usertoken:ac2f3227-zcfe-4815-90da-70dfa2fb6ca7:3109c60c-1d66-40b6-aaf8-d05111b4f148"
  • Contact Asif Hossain ( for more details.

Page last modified: November 25, 2014